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Bellcoa Home Health Service, Inc. offers a broad range of home health care services that can be tailored for every individual client. After all, we recognize that no two clients are the same and we strive to always meet each client’s unique needs.

Depending on your condition and situation, you may choose from the following services:

  • Skilled Nursing Services
    • Administration of injections, nasogastric tubes, gastronomy tubes, colostomy care of tracheostomy
    • Bowel/Bladder Training
    • Catheter Insertion and Care
    • Decubitus Care
    • Disimpaction/Enemas
    • Inhalation Therapy
    • Medical Assistance and Reminders
    • Patient Observation
    • Post-Cataract Care
    • Post-Surgical Care
    • Restorative Nursing
    • Teaching of medications, diet, safety, disease entity
    • Venipunctures
    • Vital Signs Monitoring
    • Wound Care/Dressing
    • Other care specific to your conditions
  • Home Health Aide. The home health aide performs and assists the client in all aspects of personal care and activities of daily living. Example: bathing, dressing, and grooming under the supervision of a registered nurse.
  • Physical Therapy. Our Physical therapists are experienced and licensed to perform Anodyne therapy which temporarily works to reduce pain, improve neuropathy, and increase circular tissues and nerves. They can also provide:
    • Balance Exercises
    • Chest Physiotherapy
    • Gait Training
    • Home Exercise Programs
    • TENS
    • Therapeutic Exercise
    • Transfer Training
    • Ultrasound
    • Unit Prosthetic Training
  • Speech Therapy
    • Aural Rehabilitation
    • Laryngeal Speech
    • Language Processing
    • Speech Voice
    • Swallowing
  • Occupational Therapy
    • Adaptive Equipment Training
    • Home Modification Assessment
    • Training For Activities of Daily Living
    • Upper Extremity Exercises
  • Medical Social Services
    • Arrangement for meals, transportation
    • Counseling
    • Financial Assistance
    • Furnished under direction supervision of RN
    • Personal Care
    • Placement Assistance
    • Short-term Therapy Arrangements

For further discussion and additional information about our services, we encourage you to simply Set An Appointment with us. For other assistance, you may contact us at 512-533-9990.

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